Wellington Interclub

To ensure a well run competition there are a few rules and agreed guidelines across the clubs.

Rules – Image titles and photographers names – not to be visible on the front of the image or matt board, but may be attached to the back of the image.
Maximum matt board size 50cm by 40cm

Guidelines – No more than three images per person, to encourage greater participation.

Points awarded – The winning club will be the one that has accumulated the least points. The image that gets first place in the topic receives 1 point, second = 2 points, Third = 3 points and so on.

Host Club – alternates each year.

Topics  – each year the host club selected the 10 topics for the categories.

Date for interclub  – towards end of each year.

Start time  – generally 7.30pm

Information for attendees – As a way to mitigate the cost of the event, we ask that attendees bring a small plate of food to share at the supper break.
Tea, Coffee and other refreshments will be provided by the host club.
This is a non-smoking venue.

There is also a dedicated site wic.org.nz for information about the Wellington Photographic Clubs – Annual Interclub Competition.