Last Club Meeting of the Year – 14 December 2016

Meeting this week

Wednesday 14th December 2016, 7:30pm
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre (The Newman Centre), 7 Beauchamp St, Karori
Let’s eat, drink and be merry… and have one last blast of amaaaazing imagery! What to bring:
  • A plate
  • A refreshing beverage of your choice
  • A few (say, between 5 and 10) of your favourite images of the year – ones you’ve taken or ones which you love or have inspired you.
And while we’re all in the mood, there are a few housekeeping things we can also cover off on the night:
  1. Topics for Wellington Interclub (refer to Bill’s list which has been emailed out to members)
  2. Date for Wellington Interclub
  3. Venue for Wellington Interclub
  4. Ideas to do next year
  5. Any Summer outings you’d like to do
  6. Thoughts about what worked well this year and what we could do differently

Thank you for a wonderful year of photography and friendship.  🙂