Club Meeting – 27th May 2015

Meeting this Week

Wednesday 27th May, 19:30
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre, 7 Beauchamp St, Karori

Last meeting we had a few eager photographers ready to take on the

This week we will take a look at the results of those and discuss. Again
whether an image works or not, and try and understand what makes the
images work or not.

Then thought it might be appropriate to have a brain storming session on
topics for the Wellington Interclub. If anyone has any images that could
be used to inspire, bring them along. They dont’t have to be your images
as this is more of an explorartory exercise.

As a reminder, the categories are below and full details can be seen at

  • Window Lit Portraits
  • Inspiring Views
  • Stormy Weather
  • Intimate Moments
  • 10 square yards
  • Let’s Make Music
  • Architecture
  • Glassware
  • Backlit
  • Industrial Disease

Wellington Photographic Society – Keynote Event

This year’s WPS Keynote event is being held this Thursday.

Chris McLennan – “Travelling Light”
19:30, Thursday 28 May 2015
Tararua Tramping Club, 4 Moncrieff St, Wellington

A look at the adventures and imagery of renowned travel photographer
Chris McLennan. Including photos and ‘behind the scenes’ stories from
some of his more intrepid photographic projects; how he captures stunning
travel photos; a brief summary of his career and what it takes to become
a successful travel photographer in today’s digital era.

There are also a few spaces available for two workshops that Chris
is running on the 29th and 30th May at Wilton’s Bush, Otari.


We all know that photographs can make a difference. And of course we know
all about the decisive moment. The following is really good read on a
photo that Neil Leifer took. The section on the photograph is what really
appealed to me. Okay some of the background on Sony Liston did as well 🙂

A decisive moment?

The comment about format and colour vs black/white was intriguing.

Club Meeting – 13 May 2015

Meeting this Week

Wednesday 13th May, 19:30
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre, 7 Beauchamp St, Karori

Following on from our last meeting on Portraits and David Bailey, this
week is a hands on meeting, focusing on the Jawline!!

First we will watch a 15 minute video. The link is below. Feel free to
watch in advance.

Then we are going to try and put into practice what we have just seen.
This should be an interesting exercise both as subjects and

Along the way we will also discuss whether this works or not, and if it
does, what makes it work. Are there any other factors that come into


Here is another interesting take on Composition from Alain Briot writing
at the Luminous Landscape. Point 15 really appeals to me.

Fifteen remarks on composition