Club Meeting – 10th September 2014

Back to normal meetings again.

Meeting this Week

This week we are going to watch/listen to what Gavin Seim has to say on
exposure. His Exposed series was one of the Professional Photographer
Educatation awards in 2013.

In Gavin’s words:

Light! – Understanding the nuances of light and having the ability to use it to produce stunning images is the the key difference between boring snapshots and high quality images that bring to life every detail

We won’t get through the whole series in one evening. But hopefully, by
the end of the evening, we should have covered enough to be inspired,
learnt about or had a refresher on measuing light and be wanting to try
using spot metering.

Wednesday 10th September, 19:30
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre


  • PSNZ news – Convention 2015 CD
  • Calendar for the rest of the year
  • Any thoughts and volunteers on setting up a Facebook group.


Tony Bridge is one of the most provocative (i.e thought provoking)
photographers I know. Here is one of his old posts on “The Art of Seeing”.
The Art of Seeing part III-Closing the gap

Wellington Interclub – 29th August 2014

Well, the Wellington Interclub ( has been and gone.

This year we ended up second. Curiously after a relatively weak showing
in Print (where I like to think we are normally okay), we finished very
strongly in the Projected, winning 3 of the Projected categories and
coming a close 2nd in another.

Thanks and congratulations to the Kapiti Camera Club for organising and winning this year. And to Bruce Hutton who was the judge and one of the earliest KCC members.

Finally congratulations to all concerned and thanks to everyone who
contributed, either by providing images or positive feedback during the
selection process.

The topics and associated photographer are below:


  • 5 – Panorama – Brian
  • 6 – Abstract – Heuchan
  • 5 – Triptych – Syd
  • 5 – Portrait – Mary
  • 1 – Monochromatic – Mark


  • 1 – Emotion – Tears – Brian
  • 5 – Natural – Pastural – Brian
  • 1 – Active – Running – Mark
  • 2 – Fluid – Motion – Hugh
  • 1 – Situation – Domestic – Mark


Gavin Seim is another photographer with and indepth knowledge and who
inspires with his presentations. In the following, Photographic History
with Gavin Seim, the short intro is by Ken Whitmire, but then the rest of
content is by Gavin Seim.

Club Meeting – 27th August 2014

At the last meeting we finalised the print selections for the interclub
on the 29th August as follows:

  • Panorama – Brian
  • Abstract – Heuchan
  • Triptych – Syd
  • Portrait – Mary
  • Monochramatic – Mark

Thanks to all who contributed and to those there to help with the
final selection.

The next task is to get 20 digital images in each of the following
categories. We plan to use the meeting on the 27th to finalise this.

Meeting this Week

Wed 27th August 2014, 19:30
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre

At the previous meeting we selected the prints. At this meeting we are
going to finalise the twenty images in each of the following five

  • Emotion
  • Natural
  • Active
  • Fluid
  • Situation

Remember that we need a wide selection of images so that on the night we
can choose one to meet the specific category that will be selected then.


A very interesting snippet from Mike Johnston, at The Online Photographer
on the Evolution of a Picture.

Club Meeting – 13 August 2014

August has arrived rather suddenly and is almost half over. Uggh!.

We have 2 meetings before the Wellington Interclub on the 29th August.

  • 13 August – Final selection of images in print categories, organising
    our digital images in Lightroom
  • 27 August – Final rehearsal of the digital process to be used on 29th.

Meeting this Week

Wed 13th August 2014, 19:30
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre

At the previous meeting we selected candidates for the print section. This week
we are going to select the one image in each of the five categories.

  • Panorama
  • Abstract
  • Triptych
  • Portrait
  • Monochramatic

If there is enought time, we will take a look at how we can use Lightroom 5
to organise photos so that they can be found easily.


Finally a link to an interview with Kelli Connell and some of here photographs.