Following on from Brian’s great tech talk on Lightroom last night, here are two images for you to “make your own” (each image is downloadable in TIF and CR2 format; download whichever format suits you best).  So, using Lightroom (or, if you don’t have Lightroom, then your imaging tool of choice) crop, vignette, saturate, denoise, sepiatone or whatever to your heart’s content on them to make them “your style”.  Then bring them along to our next meeting (23rd March) for a show and tell session and walk us through the steps that you did, and the reasons why you chose those settings/edits.


No… they aren’t perfect photos to begin with – that’s what makes it a challenge! 


And if that isn’t challenging enough, here are the newly-announced topics for the 2016 Wellington Region Interclub Battle (Wednesday 17 August):


  • Reflections
  • Looking up
  • New Zealand Landscape
  • Happiness
  • New Zealand Wildlife
  • Macro
  • Impressions
  • Blue
  • Landing
  • Triptych – Based on the Haiku – Winter leaves, buds tightly rolled, silence.


Looks like there’s something there for everyone!

And here’s the link to the APPS website for more competition details: