Club meeting – 23 November 2016

Meeting this week

Wednesday 23rd November 2016, 7:30pm
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre (The Newman Centre), 7 Beauchamp St, Karori
This is our second-to-last meeting of the year (unless we manage to squeeze in an outing somewhere!).  
Looking for some inspiration and direction for what to do over the Summer break?  Have you thought about doing your PSNZ Licentiateship Honours (L)?  The criteria are here and some examples are here.  
If anyone in the club has already done their L it would be great to see your set and maybe for you to talk us through why you chose those images and what it took to meet the standard.
 Wow – what amazing images!  A BIG thanks to Justin Blaikie and Hugh Davies for bringing along their L series and talking us through them.  If we’re not inspired to do our L’s then at least we were inspired to take better photos ourselves.
A reminder for those that are considering the L’s – the guidelines are here and it’s important to note:
The annual opening date for portfolios to be submitted to the Secretary of the Honours Board, with the appropriate Application forms is 16th January. The closing date is 28 February. Any submissions after this date will be returned.