Club Meeting – 23 July 2014

Karori Arts and Crafts Exhibition

The Karori Arts and Crafts Center Exhibition opening was last Friday. I
must admit, I thought the standard and quality of work was impressive and
is well worth viewing.

The judge, Morag, provided some of the best feedback I have ever heard.
Here are some of the results that relate to Camera Club Members.

Photography Category,
Winner, Neil Annenberg – Pensive
Close runner up, Heuchan Hobbs – Te Kuiti spring morning
Commended, Hugh Davies – Kapiti Abstract, Mark Berger – Exit Right

Contemporary Category
Winner Syd Moore with his arrangment, “What is your title for this?”,
asking all sorts of questions about money and where it goes. Well that was
my reading, which might not be the same as the Photographer/Creator (Syd)
or yours 🙂

The exhbibtion is on until the 26th July. I would recommend taking time
to visit and view.

Wellington Interclub – 29th August

We have 3 meetings before the Wellington Interclub on the 29th August.

In that time we have to do the following:

  • Select 5 printed images to represent the Club
  • Gather 100 digital images from which, five can be selected on the night.
  • Work out and practise a process that will let us do the selection on the night with minimum stress.

I suggest that we structure meetings as follows:

23 July
Initial look at Images for print category, initial look at how we can use Lightroom to organise photos.
13 August
Final selection of images in print category, organising our digital images in Lightroom
27 August
Final rehearsal of the digital process to be used on 29th.

Meeting this Week

Wed 23th July 2014, 19:30
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre

So this meeting we will be doing

  • initial selection of images for printed section in the Wellington Interclub.
  • Taking a look at how to use Lightroom 5 to organise photos so that they can be found easily when searching.

For the printed section, the categories are as below. Details of
each category such as definiition can be found at

  • Panorama
  • Abstract
  • Triptych
  • Portrait
  • Monochramatic

Remember we only need one image to represent the club for each category.
So can I suggest that people bring up to a maximum of three (3) images
per category? For this initial selection, images can be either printed or


From Brian Barrett, is the following link showing some
free photography e-books. There are a variety of titles by
some well known authors.

One’s that appeal to me (but which I haven’t read yet) include

  • Essays on Inspiration, Vision and Creativity in Photography, by Scott Bourne
  • Good Photos in Bad Light, by Darwin Wiggett
  • Lighting 101, by Strobist
  • Nine Motivational Essays on Photography, by Scott Bourne

Here’s the link where you will find all 23 books, brief descriptions and
links to download them.