Club Meeting – 14 May 2014

Something a little different this week. Yet something still the same.

The topic for this week is Composition.

We will be watching a presentation about Composition, learning what it is
and how we can use it when we make/take photographs to improve the story
we are trying to tell via our images.

If you are interested in learning about composition or just refreshing
what you know about it, then this could be for you.

Wednesday 14th May 2014, 19:30
Karori Arts and Crafts Centre, 7 Beauchamp Street, Karori


  • Arts and Crafts Center – Exhibition July 2014
  • Wellington Interclub – 29 August 2014
  • PSNZ Central Convention –
  • Hutt Karori Battle in November


We know that bottom end of the camera market is being decimated by the
omnipresent phone cameras. However, have you ever wondered what sort of work is
being produced? Emil Pakarklis is quite a photographer and does all his work
using an iPhone. He also runs the iPhone photography school site. See the
following for some of the images being made with these devices



Not only does he show photographs worth looking at, he also has educates and
has some useful insights for those wanting to improve their photography For
some tips on composition, see

BTW, this is NOT the presentation being run at the meeting.