Club Meeting – 26 February 2014

Time for the second meeting of the year and the first meeting at the Arts
and Crafts centre.

This week is a members’ night. We ask people to bring along some of their
receent work to show and talk about.

To keep things manageable, the following are some suggestions

  • Work can be digital or print
  • Can we keep the number of images between six and twelve. Less than six is fine, but more that twelve is probably overdoing it.
  • For digital, can the images please be resized. Suggest keeping it to 1280px on the longest side.

Hutt Karori Battle

We are also hosting the Annual Hutt–Karori Interclub this year in
November and get to decide the topics.

Recently, the competition has only been digital and topics have been:

2013 – Hutt – Feeling, Function, Form, Free
2012 – Karori – Heads, Decay, Monochrome, Theatre
2011 – Hutt – Colour, Monochrome, Shoot from your Boots, Including Clouds
2010 – Karori – Colour, Monochrome, Age, Wild
2009 – Hutt – Open, Black and White Portrait, Senses

2008 – Karori – Prints: Open, Portrait. Digial: Open, Weather
2007 – Hutt – Prints: Open, Glass. Digial: Open, Purple
2006 – Karori – Prints: Portraits. Slides: Open. Digital: Macro.
2005 – Hutt – Prints: Abstract, Open. Slides: Open. Digital: Landscape.

New Zealand Camera

The latest New Zealand Camera has arrived and I have books for the
following who were financial paid up members of the PSNZ at 31 Jan 2014
and who have selected or been selected to have their books delivered via

* Carol Anderson, Neil Annenberg, Gayle Cullwick, Neil Annenberg,
Bruce Girdwood, Bill Leask, Bruce Hutton, Joanne Van Selm.

I will bring these to the meeting, but feel free to contact me to pick up
at another time.


A reminder about fees. We are part of the Karori Arts and Crafts Centre.
So you should have received a reminder about your annual sub of $30 for
that membership.

And to cover occasional costs we might occur (such as a thank you to
external speakers), we charge $5 for the Karori Camera Club. This is
normally collected at our first meeting at the Centre (which will be
Wednesday 26th February this year).


Finally here is a link from the Online Photographer, a site I keep
tabs on.
Great Photographers on the Internet

Interestingly, the Eggleston image is currenly showing as part of an exhibition
at the City Gallery in town to March 9th. Certainly worth visiting.
City Gallery – South of No North – Laurence Aberhart, William Eggleston, Noel