Club Outing – 12 February 2014

Well another year is upon us. A little late starting, but hopefully we
will have a good year.

The calendar is in a bit of a flux but can be seen at

As we have done in the last few years, the first meeting is an outing.
Waitangi park is the venue. There are a variety of photographic
opportunities. Afterwards, we will adjourn to a café for a further catch

Details for the outing are:

When: Wednesday 12 February, 19:00 – Note slightly earlier time.
Where: Waitangi Park, Herd Street
Bad weather plan: To be advised

A reminder about fees. We are part of the Karori Arts and Crafts Centre.
So you should have received a reminder about your annual sub of $30 for
that membership.

And to cover occasional costs we might occur (such as a thank you to
external speakers), we charge $5 for the Karori Camera Club. This is
normally collected at our first meeting at the Centre (which will be
Wednesday 26th February this year).