Club Meeting – 28 August 2013

Well I am back from Melbourne and have some catching up to do.

Mini Exhibition

The mini exhibition showing the prints we entered in the Wellington Interclub Print Competition. is being set up. We need photos from Kevin and Hugh and then we are all go.

If you did not get a chance to take part in the selection, you should pop into the Arts and crafts centre to take a look. And at the same time you can see the “Wolf” Photo and the trophy.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is themed “The Compositional Dance.” It is a title of a chapter in a book called “Composition: From Snapshots to Great Shots”, by Laurie Excell, published by Peachpit Press.

We will show images, and talk to the topic. And if there is time, we can try and “walk the talk” by taking some photos.

So if you want to contribute, can you please do the following:

  • Bring some images of a particular subject illustrating the different points of view that you “danced” to get the shot.
  • I suggest you bring your cameras as well. That way we can spend some time doing a bit of a “Compositional Dance”.

When: 7:30pm, Wed 28th August
Where: Karori Arts and Crafts Centre

Hutt Battle

The annual Hutt Battle is in November. Each club shows 10 images in each of the four categories. This year they are Form, Function, Feeling, Free.

So start shooting now. We will be doing selection in October.

Wellington Interclub – Result!

Well, what can I say! The Wellington Interclub Print Competition is now
over and I am happy to say that we managed to win. Woot!!!

Congrats to all concerned and thanks to everyone who contributed, either
by providing images or positive feedback during the selection process.

For the record, attached spreadsheet contains the score sheet and

The topics and associated photographer are below:

6 – Beams – Kevin
1 – Contained – Heuchan
4 – Eggs – Hugh
2 – Eye – Bill
1 – Feathered – Bill
1 – Movement – Rachel
3 – Mysterious – Kevin
2 – Reaching – Bill
1 – Skin – Mark
2 – Terraced – Carol

The next meeting is on the 14th Aug. Unfortunately, I am again
going to be in Melbourne.

Talking between ourselves, we thought a show and tell evening would be

Can you bring along six images showing what is currently inspiring you
or what you are working on. Images can be print or digital. If you don’t
have something active right at the moment, feel free to bring along some
previous work.