Club Meeting – 10 July 2013

The Wellington Interclub Print competition is being held on Monday
August 5, being hosted by Kapiti Coast Photographic Society. Details can
be seen at

The topics are

  Beams            Contained
  Eggs             Eye
  Feathered        Movement
  Mysterious       Skin
  Reaching         Terraced

Last meeting we didn’t manage to finish the initial selection of all the
topics. We managed to find 3 in the following categories.

 Beams             Feathered
 Eye               Movement

And even though we looked at the following categories, we can do with
some more images.

 Contained         Eggs

So this meeting, we will complete the initial selection in the following

  Mysterious       Skin
  Reaching         Terraced

To recap, as a club we have to choose one image for each category. To get there we have
three selection rounds:

Wednesday 26th June – Initial selection of 3 images per category
Wednesday 10th July – Continue initial selection of up to 3 images per category
Wednesday 24th July – Final selection

This initial selection will be via digital or print (digital preferred)

You can each submit up to 3 images per category. We are only going to select 3
in each category for the Final Selection. And for the Final Selection on the
10th July, these 3 need to be printed up, but not necessarily matted. For the
Competition itself, the prints need to be matted.

Can you please size to 1280px on the longest side and name them as
follows (this will help enormously when loading to the laptop):
category_your_name_anything.jpg where category is one of the categories
mentioned above.

e.g. beams_mark_berger_fast_car.jpg

Images can be from archive. The only thing is that they should not have
been shown at a previous interclub.

For the initial selections on 26th June and 10th July, we will select
the top 3 entries for each category by popular vote.

For the final selection on 24th July, we will try and use an external

For this final selection, images should be printed, but not necessarily

When: 7:30pm, Wed 10h July
Where: Karori Arts and Crafts Centre


* Wellington Interclub Print Challenge (5th Aug)
* Exhbitions that we have been invited to participate in
– KA&C – 13 to 20 July – Opening 12th July 2013, 17:30
– Exhibition Hutt Camera Club – 30th Sep to 13 Oct
* Hutt Battle at the end of the year